Anus turning black

I noticed that my anus has become black all around. Do you know why? And is it safe for my husband to cum inside my anus? Thank you for sharing your questions. I'll do my best to provide useful information for your consideration. First, about your anus area turning black when skin changes color, it can be cause for. Color change on anus Stacey. Age: 27. hello my dear gentlemen!!! I hate that, and I'm especially afraid my boyfriend will think it's gross, as he's used to seeing porn and -as we all know- porn chicks are flawless. Sep 29, - Anal discoloration is the lightening or darkening of the skin around the anus. It is caused by several medical conditions that mostly result from bacterial and fungal infections. Anal discoloration often spreads from the skin around the anal opening. A patch with no definite shape extends outwards on the. Lorena. Age: 24. Dallas, Vegas, and California My Dogs Anus Is turning black. Should I be worried about… Nov 30, - Pigment change is not uncommon as dogs get older. If the anus is not swollen I would not be too concerned. It can be caused by a low thyroid level. If the dog starts getting unexplained weight gain and a poor hair coat, I would have the thyroid checked. It is a very common problem in middle aged to older. Aug 2, - Okay, so this is pretty embarassing Please bear with me Well, I have this really big mirror in my bathroom, which I love, 'cause I can examine my body pretty well through it (I've come to find that not only fun but also very useful). Anyway, I've noticed a long time ago that the skin of my anus is dark.

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Phyllisha. Age: 28. Contact me for a warm,passionate and true open-minded experience Answer (1 of 3): This is probably an anal gland infection if your dog's anus is black. Dogs can get infections in their glands very easily, especially if they have not been cleaning themselves properly. An anal gland infection is an infection that may have started externally but this is now an internal issue and can not be solved. I have a 7-year-old chihuahua mix who has always been in perfect health. He eats human-grade high quality dog food and still acts like a puppy. Recently, I noticed that the skin around his anus had gone from being pink to being closer to black in color (I don't get too close to it, but it looks black from a distance). Last night, I. Apr 13, - Around my anus area, where i spread my butt cheeks, it is VERY swollen. It is dark and just look swollen. I'm am I waited too long and now I think i might have cancer or some uncureable tumor on my anus. He also had a very concerned look like this for maybe 2 years i think. The skin just turned black.


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