Lick your chops

lick one's chops. To use one's tongue to remove moistness from the sides of one's mouth, as when salivating or at the conclusion of a meal. quotations ▽. , Lucy Maud Montgomery, The Story Girl, ch,. Pat presently came galloping up the orchard, carrying in his mouth a big field mouse, which, sitting down before us. lick one's chops - Wiktionary Kendra. Age: 23. I'm the total package Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Nov 4, - My mother's visiting me and my Siberian husky licks her chops every time my mom walks by her. My mom noticed this lately and I said, “Could it be you give her a treat every time you look at her?” My mom laughs. We're all this way, though. When we get conditioned to 'lick our chops' because a need is. Stoya. Age: 27. I DONT HAVE ANAL! You've unlocked 5% savings bust one's chops, Slang. to exert oneself. 6. bust someone's chops, Slang. to annoy with nagging or criticism: Stop busting my chops—I'll get the job done. 7. lick one's chops, to await with pleasure; anticipate; relish: He was already licking his chops over the expected inheritance. Expand. Also, chap. Origin of chop3. Expand. Shopping for Lick Your Chops Brown Rice, Carrots & Potatoes Senior Dog Food, Ounce Cans (Pack of 12)? Free automatic delivery may be available by subscription.

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Brandi. Age: 29. I'm a fun, internet savvy, super cute college student Lick Your Chops Treat-Umms Chicken & Sweet Potato Wraps Treats for Dogs, Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6): Pet Snack Treats: Pet Supplies. Lick Your Chops Distinctive Delicacies Chicken & Crab for Cats, 3-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24): Canned Wet Pet Food: Pet Supplies. Apr 11, - Hi, I'm translating a song and it says "lick your chops". If you can help me I will be very grateful. Thanks in advance Bye:confused.


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