Domination and legitimacy

The Three Types of Legitimate Rule is an essay written by Max Weber, a German economist and sociologist, explaining his tripartite classification of authority. Originally published in the journal Preussische Jahrbücher , , , an English translation, translated by Hans Gerth, was published in the journal Berkeley. Sociology - Notes on Max Weber Roxie. Age: 29. Currently available in NYC, or anywhere else nearby (or far) Weber says it always "implies a minimum of voluntary compliance, that is an interest based on ulterior motives or genuine acceptance" in obedience" Weber , While we ordinarily consider the charismatic leader as the one that is unusual, there are many people with unusual characteristics. The Types of Legitimate Domination. The Basis of Legitimacy. Domination = the probability that certain specific commands will be obeyed by a given group of persons. every genuine form of implies a minimum of voluntary compliance, that is, an interest (based on ulterior motives or genuine acceptance) in obedience. Milk. Age: 18. My e-mail: marisa Access Denied / User Login Oct 14, - In The Types of Legitimate Domination (), Max Weber addresses how domination (authority) is the “probability that certain specific commands (or all commands) will be obeyed by a given group of persons” that “requires a staff, that is, a special group that can normally be trusted to execute the general. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3.

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Cherokee. Age: 25. What else do you really need ;) ??? Sep 15, - Staff obey from custom, affect, or pay & this determines type of domination. But legitimacy also needed. D rarely relies on custom, affect, or pay alone. Everything about social organization of D seems to depend on basis of legitimacy claim. Legitimacy is a reasonable basis for classifying types of domination. DOMINATION AND LEGITIMACY. [Ch. X presently. As in the case of other forms of power, those who exercise domination do not apply it exclusively, or even usually, to the pursuit of purely economic ends, such as, for example, a plentiful supply of economic goods. It is true, however, that the control over economic goods.


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