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Subject: "Little Jenny's Research Paper"- F/F, nc, no sex. From: [email protected] (Jenmoo33) Date: 23 Jun Little Jenny's Research Paper. Although the tone of the story is very mother/daughter-ish, it's really a little age-play fantasy of mine. I wrote it during a time that school was making me crazy. Mommy's baby - supernatural_babe1 - Wattpad Zita. Age: 30. Hello! Yes, you've read correctly, I'm a Sensual Tenacious Passionate fun loving thrill, with a touch of comfort Mommy cleaned and got other things done. Feb 25, - Madison's Mommy went about changing her daughter's diaper. “Madison you sure are a wet one this morning, did you drink a tub of water last night?” Madison responded with a giggle. Madison was very much into trying to figure out the toy her Mommy gave her and was a good girl during the change. Semmie. Age: 23. If you like to play with me, please send me a mail and I will tell you where you can find me on webcam Mommy's baby Be warned, for this story contains spanking - A freshly-graduated girl is granted a Little Girl Day by her comprehensive mother. F/F ageplay. Fiction: General - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 1 A violent, ill father abuses his teenage daughters, and a young traveller passing by has the chance to change things forever. Phil Coulson is the best parent ever. Which is lucky, because Skye really needs someone to look after her. Jemma could also use some comfort and care. Non-Sexual Age Play and hurt/comfort involving Skye and the team. Please read the tags.

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Cinzia. Age: 19. Kiss This is the second of my otherwise untitled bedtime spanking stories. Bedtime spanking. This was far from unusual; Mommy and Daddy both delighted in putting Melody to bed early with a hot, sore bottom. Melody usually went to Then he took his daughter firmly in his strong arms and deposited her gently over his lap. When Clara and Michael Jauregui are killed in a car crash, what will happen to their young daughter Lauren? Will she be loved? Or just left behind? Age Play and Spanking (Don't like don't read) Lauren is the mommy who takes care and gives love along with discipline to her baby girl. Camila is the baby girl who needs. Isabella (Ageplay Story). 14K 7. In this story Isabella is Lauren and Camila's daughter. Isabella starts acting up big time so they decid to turn her into their ageplay baby as punishment WARNING: Contains spanking, ageplay This story is for @Jolee Mature.


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