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May 14, - If the spot is on the carpet, stand on the wet spot (remember to wear shoes). 9. Don't rub the stain. If it's dry, pour cold water on the stain, and blot. 8. Avoid using detergents with ammonia in them. The "pee smell" in them might encourage your cat to mark the spot again. Read more tips on the next page». 7. 3 Simple Ways to Get Rid of Cat Urine Odor Arial. Age: 21. Three words,elegance,exclusive,premium quality If not, let it air dry. Anyone who has owned a cat knows that cat urine is an especially strong odor that is difficult to remove from carpets. Even well-trained cats have been known to leave cat urine on the carpet, sometimes out of anger, due to a health problem, or disgust at a dirty litter box. After you have identified the reason for your cat's. Luxury. Age: 20. I do not answer withheld numbers or reply to sms. 3 Simple Ways to Get Rid of Cat Urine Odor You love your cat. Of course! But that love could be tested just a bit when you walk into a room and are greeted by the unmistakable smell of cat urine. Why did he do it? How do you get rid of it? And — how do you prevent him from doing it again? Here's how to clean up cat urine in 3 places: carpet, non-carpet surfaces and. To remove cat urine odor from a carpet you can spray a mixture of vinegar and warm water onto the affected.

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Stevie. Age: 30. ich bin Hanny!!! Wondering what products work best for removing cat urine smells from your carpet? Get rid of that awful lingering smell with these tips from our readers. Feb 28, - The urine smell was so bad I had to hold a scarf over my nose. Which didn't help much with the odor. My eyes watered. The longer dog pee or cat urine sits in a carpet, the worse the problem becomes. Bacteria builds up, and the urine is soaked not only into the carpeting but also into the pad below and.


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