9mm vs .223 penetration

Carbine Training: 9mm vs Rem. The die has long since been cast and the Stoner-based carbine is now the patrol rifle of choice for U.S. law enforcement. That being the case, we need to get our troops out training with these guns if we expect them to have the confidence and ability to use them in a crisis. Paul Markel. less overpenetration than pistol round? Marta. Age: 29. I am a size 18, 40 f bust, and i am 5'7 tall In order, I'd want a 12ga loaded with 1 Buck, a 9mm carbine, a rifle in 5. There are a helluva lot more of them than there are old maid spinsters. Great video guys, I would love to see this same test, but comparing 9mm, ACP,, and 12 ga buck shot. Sammy. Age: 30. hello .223 less overpenetration than pistol round? Sep 26, - according to an FBI ballistic tests I read from a gun magazine, the 9mm cartridges penetrates an average of " of plywood vs 10" forSW did " The study suggests that most of the handgun cartridges over-penetrate for close quarter battle and is a much better round. comments?/ NATO vs 1/4" AR steel targets? Jul 29, - Ok so for home defense only, inside the house, short ranges, which would be the better choice? a 9mm carbine such as the Beretta CX4 or just stick All tests show that / has far less penetration on sheetrock than most common handgun rounds (55 gr vs grain). That said, and as much as.

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Cassidy. Age: 22. hhtp://www Nov 30, - I don't remember for sure, but I don't think the ACP penetrates quite as much as a 9mm, in home construction materials. A veteran instructor at Blackwater said that in all the car/truck penetration tests he's done and demo'd, a 9mm penetrates better than any other pistol round and a And yes, that ACP vs? Wut? Aug 27, - Re: vs 9mm penetration question. Ever see the Mythbusters where they shoot under water? Rifle rounds disintegrate rapidly while pistol rounds stay intact. It's a velocity and mass issue. and move at something like three times the velocity of 9mm. But at the same time, they're like half the mass. Jul 14, - Shotgun VS Pistol VS Rifle Home Defense Penetration. Your typical choices for home defense weapons are a pistol, the shotgun, or a rifle. Now, when most people think of overpenetration risks they assume that pistol bullets would penetrate less than the rifle or shotgun. That's actually dead wrong.


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