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Labia Library - Home - Have you ever wondered is my vagina normal? Labia come in all shapes and sizes. Labia Pictures, Vulva Pictures, Vagina Pictures 3 Allie. Age: 28. I am Dipali a genuine South Indian beauty that once tasted is never forgotten! I am very much quality over quantity which means I do not see many gents each day Surgery may also treat vaginal prolapse. Oct 11, - Women with larger labia / vaginas should be celebrated too! Transgender Woman Shows Lesbian Her Vagina! Vagina: Lips Vs No Lips. Vicky. Age: 30. I am a high class, cosmopolitan, independent escort areas experience Picture of the Vagina He always tells me that my vulva is the most beautiful that he has ever seen. I think it looks good myself and I'm not too shy about sharing these photos as long as my face isn't showing with it! ;-) I came from a conservative upbringing but I always had a little exhibitionistic streak in me and I didn't mind some men inadvertently. Apr 4, - While we're all pretty used to seeing penises literally everywhere — cartoons, subway graffiti, drawn on our friends foreheads in college — images of With Ms. Horseshoe, the opening of the vagina spreads wider at the top, exposing the labia minora, but it touches and closes off toward the bottom.

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Krissy. Age: 22. Also I offering STRAPON services!ROLE PLAY!!!!TRAVEL COMPANION!and more Sep 23, - Every vagina is different, and they're pretty much as unique as our fingerprints. “Just as a lot of women have one breast that's bigger than the other, there will often be one labia [the vaginal lips] that's a little longer.” Need proof? Here are nine healthy women's vulvas, thanks to website The Labia Library, an. Aug 11, - Men don't usually talk much to women about what they think about their vaginas. Usually, they're just happy to be close enough to one to touch it. Guys open up about the different types of vaginas and what they think of each of them. See what type of YOU have and what guys think about your vagina type. May 11, - The Vulva & Labia. Most people call the whole kit and caboodle between a woman's legs the "vagina." But the visible outer parts is technically the "vulva. Most of the vulva is smooth, but some women's labia minora have a ruffled appearance. . But even normal discharge doesn't make a pretty picture.


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