Green terror fish sex

Feb 27, - yeah there should be some noticeable differences at that size though some are harder to sex than others, male will have irridescent body scales, most likely have design within dorsal fin, and only slight blue spotting on the gill plate, while female will have no design in dorsal, a lot of blue bearding and body  Sexing juvenile green terrors. Green Terror, Andinoacara rivulatus Cichlid Fish Guide Persia. Age: 24. Professionale nei massaggi rilassanti e completi in ambiente confortevole e riservato The fry hatch in 3 - 4 days and are free swimming by 11 days. Jul 20, - His color will bright, and his body will be slender but stocky (in typical cichlid fashion). I think that only the male has blue coloration on his gill plates (do not use this particular indicator when selecting young as the LFS). The female will have rounded fins that are not nearly as long, flowing, and pointed as the. Aurelly. Age: 18. Beautiful things come in packages is what they say, so here I am, a stunningly petite and lovely girl! You will find me cute with a great mind and body, For people who are looking for a relaxing time i am the right person for a relaxing massage Green Terror Jan 22, - Hi all, I imagine you are asked this question all the time so apologies in advance. I purchased my first "pair" of Green Terrors from the pet shop recently, however I have doubts as to whether the one below is female. They seem to fight quite often and I caught them today locking their jaws together which  Cichlid-Forum • Male or Female green Terror. Jump to Sex differences - Green terror cichlid male and female don't have much differences. The male has an orange stripe on its fluke, it's larger in size and it has a rounded hump on its head which the female doesn't have. The green terror female feature is that as a rule she is more aggressive then the male,  ‎Appearance · ‎Difficulties in keeping of · ‎Feeding · ‎Keeping of the fish in a tank.

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Paige. Age: 29. Panamanian & Ebony Dec 5, - I have this 6 inch Green Terror that behaves strangely. It is the only 1 Bala (10") 3 Silver Dollars(5") 1 Blood Parrot(7") 1 Green Terror(4") 1 Bristlenose Pleco(4") 1 Chocolate Cichlid(6") If not because the she laid eggs and changed color, I won't be able to sex them because both fish are equally colorful. How To Sex Convict Cichlids - Male Plus Female Convict Cichlids - Duration: MA FishGuy. Jan 12, - Quick links - Answers. Origin; Maximum size; Scientific name; Sexual differences; Setting up an aquarium; Recommended filtration; Temperature and pH; Sexing and breeding; General notes. Advice by Mick, keeping fish since Your professional guide on keeping Green terror cichlids - Mick Watson.


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