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Nov 28, - They sealed the neck and wrist openings to my skin with some rubber adhesive and told me that the bung hole zipper closure was also a leak proof seal. They said I would have to piss inside the suit as I lived in it for the week that I had agreed to and nothing could leak out. (I was a little uneasy about this. One Week? | Savanah. Age: 24. I am based in vienna and can travel with to any place with is convenient to you. If you want to experience a really special and hot lady, please drop me a mail. Kisses lena. Eric smearing his gloved hands all over the hood to make sure it got into every crevice and hole possible. It was an ad for a bar catering to woman and they were looking for a piss boy. It was some sort of a rubber hood with 5 hoses running to it. . Great piss story. I like to get naked and get in my bath tub and piss in a cup and on myself then pour the piss in the cup over my face and in my mouth and drink the  Bianca the Rubber Dolly:: GaggedUtopia's Story Archive. Mya. Age: 28. in the center of Zurich - Confessions of a Cock Servant She was wearing black high heels and he could see the pink rubber through the straps. It was a horrible and odd sight as he . She could see piss in the plastic bag and heard moans from the funnel. She had two options with . You can also leave feedback & comments for this story on the Plaza Forum. If you've. Oct 22, - He looked down and just decided to piss in the pint glass so he didn't make a puddle. He lay back down on the bed and the feelings were increasing, the shorts felt like they were sliding and sucking all over his dick and balls, they felt so good. His hand naturally began to rub over the rubber bulge. Damn he.

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Indianna. Age: 30. Hi, This is Bobo, 25 years old, 166cm tall, 50kg, a beautiful, sexy, professional and independent Beijing massage girl He kept a nicely maintained single story home just outside of town. . This particular model had an external sheath for my penis, with a rubber hose tip that allowed my piss to flow out of it unhindered. With the camera tucked away, he attached the jug to the rubber tubing extending from my cock sheath, or urinal drain. Oct 27, - Links to all the parts of the story: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Once the jug was finished, the most unpleasant of all It covered everything, with only small holes for her nostrils, the rubber of the suit, actually going inside them and lining them, and two pinholes in front of. Jan 23, - This week, a friend of mine spent 20 hours locked in a thick rubber suit and hooded S10 – his main source of hydration being a Camelbak containing a mixture of his piss and water, hooked up directly to the gasmask's drinking tube. The only keys to his freedom were in a locked timed safe (which despite.


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